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Come To Your Senses - lyrics


You're in the air
I'm underground
Signal's fading
Can't be found

I finally open up
For you I would do anything
But you've turned off the volume
Just when I've begun to sing

Come to you senses
Defenses are not the way to go
And you know, or at least you knew

Everything's strange
You've changed, and I don't what to do
To get through, I don't know what to do

I have to laugh
We sure put on a show
Love is passe in this day and age
How can we expect it to grow?

You as the knight
Me as the queen
All I've got tonight
Is static on a screen

Come to you senses
The fences inside are not for real
If we feel as we did, and I do

Can't you recall
When this all began, it was only you and me
It was only me and you

But now the air is filled with confusion
We've replaced care with illusion

It's cool to be cold
Nothing lasts anymore
Love becomes disposable
This is the shape of things, we can't ignore

Come to your senses
Suspense is fine
If you're just an empty image emanating out of a screen

Baby, be real
You can feel again
You don't need a music box melody to know what I mean

Deep in my eyes
What do you see?
Deep in my sighs
Listen to me

Let the music commence from inside
Not only one sense, but use all five

Come to your senses
Come to your senses
Come to your senses
Baby, come back alive

Lyrics was added by monchinella

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