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Arms Across America - lyrics

I put my body in it,
cause that's where I live.
I have my friends there,
and they like it.
I've been away for some time.
It's so warm outside.
I'd better wait,
I'm on standby.
I spend my life on this,
I spent my time on this.
It keeps me nervous,
but I like it.
He worked 2005,
I worked last July.
The room is silent,
I'm on standby.
Americanized, Americanized,
it's time, it's time I live my life.
I recognize, I recognize, the time we waste is the time I die.
It's bright outside, so bright outside, the sun is shining on my life.
American eyes, American eyes,
well I'm so happy you're alive.

Lyrics was added by Lillyxa

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