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Crushed by the weight of your sorrow, there is nowhere left.
Trying to fight the might in the darkness, and weaken all love.
But it’s hidden from your face.
Seeking to find the path you should follow, breathe in peace,
Surrender yourself to the hopes of tomorrow. Surrender.
It is always in your spirit, this world is yours!
Hold on to faith, hold on to love,
Hold on to who you are.
You’re not alone, don’t lose sight,
We will rise above.
We are the breath of life,
Our hope remains.
In these times of grace,
A sacred life we must embrace for generations to come,
As we break down the ways of ourselves.
Look in my eyes, open with passion, and the spirit I’ll follow, until the rest of the sun.
We are the purpose, undefeated.
Carve your name in the face of today.
Hold on the faith, hold on to love.
You’re not alone, don’t lose sight.
Our hope remains.

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The Hymn Of A Broken Man (Deluxe Edition)