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You're sitting on the moon
A pretty picture but lets move
It's getting dark and Luna Park is getting weirder soon
I think that we are fine
Not doing great but getting by
I guess we laughed right at the start, but now i think i'll cry
Nothing's set in stone
That's what my folks say when i'm home
But truth be said my skinny neck is in the noose you hold
And it's not like we're bound
To be a thing or hang around
But i can't eat and i can't think while you're still sleeping sound
'Cause you and I
Are only ever gonna be friends
I won't tell but it's not easy.
I heard you speak a name
I really can't quite seem to lay
A finger on where it went wrong but i felt jealous rage
Your lips are like a rose
The petals i won't ever know
And it hurts my heart, sit in the dark and bury my sorrow
Forgive, forget me now
I can't keep having you around
This is the end, please don't defend, it's better lost then found
I wanted you so bad
You're self assured and i'm so sad
'Cause you and I
Are only ever gonna be friends,
I won't tell, but it's not easy
'Cause you and I
Are only ever gonna be friends,
Oh it's not hell but it's not easy
It's not quite hell, but it's not easy.

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