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I represent, my generation
all the kids across all nations
when I brotha reaches out
better give him a hand
i'm preaching change
and I'm taking a stand
mama taught me the way to live
love thy neighbor
and to the haters forgive
you say thats hard?
well I've been there
wanna hear my story
homie grab a chair
the kid on the ground?
that was me
never picked first
and always teased
my confidence
that was low
their words hurt more
then you could ever know
take your raps you aint wanted here
hated going to school cause I went in fear
for a while I guess I lived in the dark
till God gave me music it became my spark
Spark, spark, like a flame
now I'm selling out shows
and they're yelling my name
I know where I'm going
can't forget where I came
that prodigy kid about to change the game
no more hate Ive risen above
surrounded myself with god and love
saying goodbye to who I was before
doesnt matter where you've stood
what you standing for?
i stand for kids who've lost their way
who gave up on tomorrow
because of yesterday
I stand for dreams and what could be
now i'm hopping on tracks with SOG
they tore me down, look at me now
change the world and make God proud
and make some noise and get real loud
leave the past in the past this the present now
flashing back
wheres my dad?
forgot to even call the other son he had
it tore me down,
made me mad
he wasn't there to hug me when I was sad
but those shoes were filled by a bigger man
if he was here today
he'd be my biggest fan
he taught me the difference between right and wrong
and I released I had a dad all along
I miss you grandpa everyday
but I know you're still with me all the way
and in the strength you've given I've seen
the importance of forgiveness
and being redeemed.

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