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I'mma bout to go in on this one
This one's for all the dreamers out there
Lemme see those hands up
(verse 1)
They say live in the moment
So im living every one
And time never stops
yeah but MY time's just begun
All my sold Sold out venues all my ladies in the stands
And everything I do you know I do it for the fans
cause I'm a simple kid but I'm dreaming big,
on my way to a better time let's go!
and im neva gonna quit neva gonna sit down
cause ya know im in my prime alright!
this dream can be more
take take it on tour
Gonna meet all the the fans on foreign lands
we in high gear got nothin to fear
20-1-3 will our year HANDS UP!
hands up, I put my hands up, I put my hands up, for all the dreamers out there
Hands up, putcha hands up, pucha hands up, and dream without fear
Hands up, I got my hands up, I got my hands up, for all the dreamers out there
Hands up, getcha hands up, getcha hands up, and this is our year
(Verse 2)
Yeah my proud prodigies, are always there for me
It's almost as If. this dream is destiny
cause Nothings ever handed
you got work hard and long
and I'm forever with my fans
cause its where I belong
ya know only a few months ago
I was sitting in school
Now im doing live shows
and ya know? It's pretty cool
`Im out here repping all the kids
who wanna live their dream
And my advice is go for it
let em hear you scream
Loud and proud, its my time
I'm gonna fly I'm gonna shine
All day long, this our song,
cause in the end we'll be just fine
and The sky ain't the limit
cause we been on the moon
and if you aim right man
your dreams'll get there soon
I may be coming up from nothing
but I'm on my way now
and I do it for my grandpa
cause I know he smilin' down
and we aint eva been rich
and we barely got by
so when someone says you cant-
you gotta prove them otherwise
(verse 3)
there may come a time where I chose to bow out gracefully
and I hope by my side is where you'll still be
cause this industry is something that I'll never let change me
or change who we Are because my fans are what made me
ya know me and my ma ya we had a heart to heart
cause its been me her and Shelby all together from the start
and I said things like this don't happen mom to people like me and she said "big things happen, to people who dream'
And the haters they are out there,
living like a clan
just do what Christian said and say "yes I can" (whaddup bro!)
Cause they can say words but they'll never break your stride
they can try to tear ys down, but they can never take our pride
so putcha hands up now if you feelin' what I say
cause it's time for us to dream and there's no time like today
and if your wanna hate then it's time to get in line
Cause you can try to take it all away But not my Passion cause it's mine
Chorus x2

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