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Politics take, everything's fake
Everybody think again, see again
My ears ache, for heaven's sake
No Way - We'll step up and unite
No Way - We won't hate and divide
No Way - We won't believe your lies
No Way - Cut open these shewn shut eyes!
This is riot! This is R.I.O.T!
We were part of this pervert Freak-Shows, but your arguments are god da*n hallow! Feeding lies for us to swallow!
We stand tall! We won't follow you!
We'll rebuild our broken dreams
with the blood of your regime
don't try to run away! You can't escape this fray!
Don't you dare to stand in our way!
Insects whispering into your ear
cruel lies of prejudice and constant fear
We are machines rusted deep to the core
It's time to act - like never before!
We are alone in the dark,
but we know that there is a sun above!
We are the calm before the storm,
it's time to draw the battle-lines!

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