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We enter the depths of the darkend shadowed halls
Lead by soothing voices, the distant spirits call
Like the wave of fire from the blowing autumn leaves
A wave of chilling darkness quickly rushes over me
Lying on a frozen tomb with a trancendental shroud
Eyes sense somthing moving in the black and purple clouds
Open eyes to see the weather patterns form
Starring at the sky
The blazing firestorm

Calling to the rain to clense our restless soul
Taken to the sky through a glowing open hole
Meeting lucent fugres eminating light
Faceless in the darkness
Faces made of light
Deep voices from inside speak out from within
In the sea of endless darkness a phantasm begins
In a quiet place so close, but so very far away
Hear the voices tremble as the static fades away

Unveiled imagrey with surreal transparency
Look into the mirrors through everyone we see
This surreal catharsis happening to you and me unfolds the book of enpty pages with total clarity
Satchitananda, Satchitananda, Satchitananda
Unfold the book of enpty pages with total clarity

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