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My Heart Still Cries - lyrics

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Wasn't long ago
not so far from here
I know I don't seem different now
but I was then
Couldn't find my place
Couldn't find the time
and my heart still cries
When I call your name?
Will you close the door?
Well, I make my choice
You always did before
But things were different then
Oh! So different
and I know I'll never know
but my heart still cries
Somewhere you long to go
You hold the answer to this, how?
No, time will never show
No matter what, I can't let go
My heart still cries
I was amidst my kind
It wasn't what you said
Wasn't anything you did
Wasn't anything you tried
Conformed and certain of my mind
Had to be the center of the serpent's wind
Its inner touchstone
What you always said was there
It's every way, and ever here
and all that you need
'cause I see
Your servants in a row
And I know this sun, I know the stars
and everywhere you've gone
In inexistence all I've known's inequity
I know these streets
I know these souls, I know
From the man I was before
to this thing I am today
From the lessons we can't afford
My heart still cries
It's my blood, it's in my soul
and it's still eating at my mind
Got Aeryn on my mind
Got Aeryn in my soul
I'm her servant 'til I fall
Somewhere, sometime
No there's no need, don't mind
No one will hear you're low
Our time together came undone
My heart still cries

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