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Lashing Out - lyrics


They say take a look in the mirror,
But I can't see eye to eye

I can't even look at myself,
But this pain I won't deny.

Feels like a parasite,
I try to ignore it.

Slowly it builds up to a manic psychosis

Hatred from the inside out,
I am foaming at the mouth.

Hatred from the inside out,
I'm lashing out

I am dangerous.
The ever volatile.
Don't be fooled by my manipulative smile
I am arrogance, it's in my blood.
I am just another stick in the mud
I am Better than you,
I put myself above
I am lashing out when push comes to shove

You are all in the wrong
I don't want to hear it
I'm a self centered narcissist
I can't help but fear it

I am dangerous
I am volatile
I am lashing out
I am!

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