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Follow Your Dreams - lyrics


Was long ago only seventeen
So full of life with your hopes and dreams
You wanted more than your everyday
So you got your gear and got on your way
But they held you back and they knocked you down
Said you were born to die in this town
You laid there bleeding looking up at the sky
Thought of your father who told you always try

Follow your dreams and make them real
In your heart you know that's how you feel
Don't look back or be afraid
There is nothing standing in your way

Picked yourself up got back on your feet
And let them standing tasting defeat
Told them all you'd never return
And from that day you'd live and learn
So you got on a plane you got so high
Nothing could stop you no one would try
You finally found what you'd been looking for
It was worth every fight and every war

So here you are you've come this far
It's the end of the road but you know where you are
Failure is not an option not even a thought
You were never a quitter and always fought
Now it's all up to you you're the last of a kind
You've never forgotten what you left behind
The old ways are your ways and always will be
You know that's the thing that makes you free
So gather your army and take to the streets
Wake up the dreamers and those who believe
You'll never surrender you'll never give up
The music will play on the music won't stop

Lyrics was added by obladi

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