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The Good, the Sad and the Ugl - lyrics


When I think of the joy you bring me
Being just who you are
Everyday that I don't have you near me
I am all falling apart
Do you know you're all I live for
Without you there wouldn't be much
I will always make peace when you wage war
I love you my beautiful child

I die for you I live for you
You are the meaning to my life
You're all I need
And everything else doesn't matter

You might one time have called me your hero
But I'm not a hero at all
You may look at my face on a photograph
And think I am all that you want
When you listen to songs that I'm singing
And happiness shines from your eyes
Do you know that I cry on the inside
My smile's painted on like a clowns

I cry like you, I bleed like you
I hurt in the night when there's no one to hold
I laugh like you
When somebody says something funny

Well I thought we were more like brothers
Than just a couple of friends
But the things that you did and the words that you spoke
Have ended this friendship for good
Now I swear in the name of the father
I'll never forgive and forget
I won't rest till I know that you're hurting
I'll never again be your friend

I don't know why, the reason why
You had to go stick your knife in my back
I never thought
You would be that kind of friend

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