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HUSALAH - lyrics

[DMX talking]
Now I gotta deal wit this shit
[Aiyyo, ya niggaz must be out ya fuckin mind]
(Yo, yo) Ol' shitty dick ass niggaz (Yo, yo)
[Thinkin dog can't pull another motherfuckin rabbit out the hat]
These niggaz is fuckin... (Yo, yo, yo, yo)
These niggaz is crazy (HOMO THUGS)
(Yo, yo)You niggaz is runnin around fuckin each other
[Nigga I ain't gotta check out my motherfuckin sleeves you bitch ass niggaz]
Fuck is y'all niggaz...
[Y'all niggaz just thinkin I'm sittin around doin nothin?](Yo, yo)
[Oh my God, y'all niggaz can't be serious]
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo

[Chorus: DMX - repeat 2x]
Where the hood, where the hood, where the hood at?
Have that nigga in the cut, where the wood at?
Oh, them niggaz actin up, where the wolves at?
You better bust that if you gon pull that
(Yo, yo... yo, yo, yo, yo... yo, yo, yo, yo, yo)
Man, cats don't know what it's gonna be
Fuckin with a nigga like me, D-to-the-M-to-the-X
Last I heard, y'all niggaz was havin sex, with the same sex
I show no love, to homo thugs
Empty out, reload and throw more slugs
How you gonna explain fuckin a man?
Even if we squash the beef, I ain't touchin ya hand
I don't buck with chumps, for those to been to jail
That's the cat with the Kool-Aid on his lips and pumps
I don't fuck with niggaz that think they broads
Only know how to be ONE WAY, that's the dog
I know how to get down, know how to bite (bite)
Bark very little, but I know how to fight (fight)
I know how to chase a cat up a tree
Man, I give y'all niggaz the b'ness for fuckin wit me,
(Yo, yo... yo, yo, yo, yo... yo, yo, yo, yo, yo)
Once a song, I come though, guns is drawn
BLAM, BLAM, lungs are gone, sons will mourn
From dusk till dawn, nighttime belongs to the dog
On the street past midnight, look for 'em in the morgue
Don't play with these cats cuz I ain't got nothin to say to these cats
For the mothers that really do love em, please pray for these cats
Cuz I know niggaz is hardheaded, but I ain't got the patience
Don't want me havin no patience turn into more patients
More trips to ICU cuz I see you
Tryna get away with shit a real nigga wouldn't do
Where my dogs at? (RIGHT HERE) See them niggaz? (RIGHT WHERE?!?)
Get em boy (RIGHT THERE) That's how we do... (AIIGHT THEN)
This is for my dogs, this is for my dogs
From then till now, don't ask me how
Know that we gon roll like them niggaz and hit every block on the job
I get tapes doin crime, stop niggaz like grapes makin wine
Five CD's with mad rhymes
Don't hit me with that positive shit, I know you lyin
You really wanna stop niggaz from dyin? Stop niggaz from tryin
Cuz I ain't really got that time to waste
And I thought I told you to get these fuckin bums out my face
Lookin at you in your grill, it might be nice to cut
Once I split ya ass in two, you'll be twice as butt
Yeah, you right, I know ya style - pussy cuz I'm fuckin it
Since we all right here, you hold my dick while he suckin it
MOTHERFUCKER, don't you know you'll never come near me
Shove ya head up ya ass, have you seein shit clearly
Never heard that D be runnin, cuz D be gunnin
I beat my dick and bust off in yo eye so you can see me comin/cummin
Empty clips and shells are what I leave behind
And if they get me with the joint, they hit me with a three-to-nine
[DMX talking]
WHERE THE FUCKIN HOOD AT?!? (It's all good, the dog is the hood)
NO ONES FUCKIN WITH ME NIGGA, FO REAL (It's all good, the dog is the hood)
I AM THE HOOD, I AM THE STREETS (It's all good, the dog is the hood)
YOU BITCH ASS NIGGA (It's all good, the dog is the hood)
TAKE IT HOW YOU WANT, MOTHERFUCKER (It's all good, the dog is the hood)
I'M IN THE HOOD ALL DAY (It's all good, the dog is the hood)
I THINK I'M LIKE THE ONLY NIGGA, DOG (It's all good, the dog is the hood)
THAT CAN GO TO THE PROJECTS (School Street, home of the brave)
WHEN THE LAST TIME THEY SEEN DOG (Not too long ago baby)
DEE, WAAH, UHH... (Y'all niggaz is homeless)
(Where the hood at?)

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