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They say
What you want ain´t always what you need
You gotta pay your dues before you get the lead
But baby that ain´t just the way it´s gotta be
Cause your life didn´t come with a moneyback guarantee
I´m ticking like like a timebomb kicking up a sandstorm
gonna show the world I´m ready
I´m spitting in the headwind going off the deep end
go baby go
If you want it go
If you need it go
If you like it go get it
If you wanna know
You gotta go and just go and just go and just
Go and get it
You know what you see ain´t always what you get
And no ones gonna help you place your bets
So baby if you chose a oneway don´t look back
Keep your head up high and mind set on the track
I´m speeding in the fastlane
Climbing up the foodchain
taking all the consequences
I´m dancin on the hot coals
Making up my own rules
I´m ticking like like a timebomb
I´m kicking up a sandstorm
Doesn´t matter where you´re coming from
you still have the chance to carry on
only you can tell the right from wrong

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