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Bring all back to you - lyrics

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Is this just a moment in time
Is this the dividing line
Will the promises hold true
Baby I wanna build something new hey
And bring it all back to you
I know that we talked all night
Yeah baby
And some of my words wasn't right
Baby we're so far away from where we were, yeah
I'm trying to build something new hey
And give it all back to you
Back to you
What we got
Can't throw it away
My hearts on fire
My desires to stay, stay, stay
To stay, to stay, to stay
If we could take the time to discover, oh babe
Everything we shared you know it's not over
See there's no denying you
See I wanna be with you
I'm trying my best to build something new, ooh baby
And bring it all back to you
Oh baby
Oh baby
Back to you
Oh baby ah yeah
Back to you

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