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In between
Stimulus and sensory
It’s like a dream
The moment can slip away
Alternate reality
Like a memory
So quickly it fades to grey
In one seconds time
A flash of light
Opened up my eyes
I will no longer fight
For all these lies
I draw the line
And now I feel like
It’s a revolution
Living a phenomenon
I will carry on
Now I feel like
Everything inside of me
Is letting go and breaking free
Love is the remedy
All of my insanity
Thrown into disarray
A silent scream
Grown into cacophony
A fantasy
Blown into smithereens
Oh this heart of mine
I cannot hide
I t wont be denied
Way down deep inside
I found my pride
Kept me alive
When you feel like you're falling apart
Hold on to love
Hold on to love
And when you feel like you're not enough
Hold on to love
Hold on to your love

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Into The Light

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