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Chaos And The Conquest - lyrics

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The black triumph of fallen angels rise,
waiting for the arrival of the darkest Queen
To be one once again...To return the world to chaos
She is the guardian of time, the ruler of your mind
Her crown is our fire and Her sword is thy sorrow
Centuries it last, battles between darkness and light
Thousands of angels fell by spears
and heaven watered by their tears
Then came silence and the Queen arrived
Frost covered the land and the interlude ends
Tide of Darkness begins by Her victory
And as autumnal night falls,
for their forgotten souls and their blood turns
to crystallized diamonds to the fields
of forgotten battles,
dead angels cry their useless sacrifices
in dark halls of pain and agony
And heaven slowly turns to black
and never again to dawn
In the tide of victorious Queen
The dark angel close my soul,
she's the one, conqueror of time
Breathing the eternity in darkness,
of endless circle of time
Dropped from the zenith like a fallen star
and like a winter breeze,
with early frost from darkness she descends
Moonlight rambled seconds on Her face,
yet time wasn't stopped
I enchanted by Her beauty
Over whispering forests and through the shadows,
mist veils Her in the dusk
She carries me through the gates
and now, upon the lightning sky,
we gathered our souls to be as one
Like thousands of years passed
and like one after one
Kingdoms have risen and set,
in endless circle of time
Gathering of two guardians of time
And upon the lightning sky,
whispers thou who stay in eternal darkness

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