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Step Into the Light - lyrics


Farther down the road
A night that paints you cold
Moving with the wind
The world turned in
And I follow him
They say
That no one is to blame
And Nero walked into the flame
Burned alive
And I see him watching
Darkness walking

Step into the light
Make your presence known
We can break the ice
And I am here alone
Step into the light

That bathe themselves in gin
To the brim
'Til the old road is flooded
Promises burn

I hold no cross and I pay no toll
This with my wings on fire
To a place far beyond the dropped-down sky
Impossible to find
Step into the light

Step into the light
Step into the light

Step into the light
Darkness holds
Fill my heart
With hate and hoax
Beyond the pain
The silence roars
The solemn wind
Of a thousand wars
Step into the light...

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