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Leave now never return, or stay and face the dark.
Day of grief, disbelief, weak and weary faces
Falling and they're gone, but still remain, and tales are fading faster.
Glory days are few, and far between in living memory
Days have gone down in the west,
And the cold wind, and rain fill my chest
And I rest
They across the ocean, and it fills me whit emotion
To imagine such devotion take their place
Sail the Ocean for the ways of the world
Do not change by your choice to belive in a lie!
You should sail and see for yourself!
I've set sail for the horizont pale and golden red rising sun
I'm gone, all that is returning
Tales and half forgotten lore for time future in to past
The pale and distance promise of tommorow's wanderers wonder where my
I wonder how we got there, and it all seems like a nightmare
I've returned from out of nowhere to my Land
And I wonder understand, I demand
That the moment you choose to believe, you deceive,
And you 're building your castles on sand.
Where we wander is the question
Told our tale and remains, mould and snow
There are no Gods to give us answers
Always keep in mind we're only children of the stars
And still we chase the rainbow
Running helter skelter out of mind until our
Was need or greed the reason was in Tantamount to treason
was no worthy game in season, in their days
What was needed and the ways of the World
Do not change by your choice to believe in a lie!
You should sail out and see where you stand! I demand,
For the moment you choose to believe, you deceive
And you're building your castles on sand.

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