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Tongue Reaper - lyrics

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Heaven for liars they burn up the sky
Written in fire and lies
Roasted and scrambled and toasted and fried
Raging and rolling the dice
Oh, reach for the seeker
Beware when he knocks on your door
Oh, don't pray for the preacher
Better - don't open the door
What a terrible nightmare
Everything's gonna burn
Gotta get out of the fire
The truth - has no way to turn
He's a tongue reaper
Burns in your throat
Tongue reaper's alive
He's a tongue reaper
Tied up and sold
Ripping your tongue out of sight
We are hunted, chased and the damned
Ringing the bell outta time
Bleeding and screaming and covered in lies
Chained up in rivers of crime
No, follow the teacher
Now you can open the door
Go, hide from the keeper
Now you are out of this law

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