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Mindless credents groped through ideosyncracy fields
rising up
You've got laughing colors singing in your brain
You don't know what they're saying
But they're driving you insane
You think that you're from nowhere
And you've got no place to go
You think that you know something
But there's nothing left to know
So you talk to broken bottles
and other worldless things
You want to get away from you
But you just can't grow wings
So you try
You always lean on top of love
You use it as a crutch
You say that you're reaching out for life
but you don't seem to touch
You don't know why you fail
Because you always say you try
But one look inside you
and I know that you lie
Cause your eyes are like mirrors
And those mirrors are black
All that's good is given up
And you can't get it back
So you cry
Your head is filled with garbage dreams
and orange colored sounds
You think that you are flying high
But you're really coming down
You dance with god's quiet Venus
And you think you'll make her swoon
You offer some cheap trinket
but she's already got the moon
You call upon Japanese and grobble in the ground
You'll be a sacred sacrifice
You'll die without a sound
Then you fly

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Ultimate Spinach