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Battle Against a True Hero - Aria R. - lyrics


Standing among echoing flowers that no longer recite
Holding onto the idea that everything will be made right
There’s no turning back from all of the sins that you’ve committed
It is time you face it head on

Look to the sky
And you’ll find
Everything that we’re
Fighting for

Hold your head high
Don’t let go
Of all the things we’ve
wished for

Everyone’s hope
Our hearts
Will keep on beating
As one

Never fading against the dark
Is she what you call a star?

For all of the lives you’ve taken
We’ll no longer be mistaken
Spears will rain down from the heavens
Onto what you have become

Even in the darkest hour
We won’t be the ones to cower
Our dreams will not be shattered
By the monster facing us

Like a shooting star in the night
There’s no way to smother her light
Never backing down from a fight
She’ll guide us through the chaos

For all of the lives you’ve taken
We will put all of our faith in
The heroine
Our undying warrior

Lyrics was added by Cecil2000

Video was added by Cecil2000

Aria R.