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MEGALOVANIA - Milkychan - lyrics

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Waking from another dream
Filled with Darkness and Destruction
Showing the unwritten soul
Just tell me, which could it be?
Shatter timelines back and forth
Hit reset while the world's breaking down
The pretender can remember
but he will still go down
Waking from the same old dream
Same old world and same scenery
Breaking down this reckless soul
So tell me, whose could it be?
Show me your Determination
Just stay back or take your action now
Genociding then they're hiding
Judgement will soon be held
Even on this day it will all just end
It all disappears, even happiness, even grief
Take your last chance left as I count down from three
Can you understand how this all must feel?
They all disappear and it starts all over for me
No more time to waste, just this once I will stay
First her voice had left...
Then his dust was spread...
Soon our hero fell and all screens went black
Gave up trying way too long ago
Cannot tell what I've been waiting for
Everything just keeps repeating, what do I try for?
Tell me what I have been searching for
Our bad time didn't last too long
Joining those who had to fight alone, say goodbye now

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