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As they migrate to the North
Escape nefarious scorn
Penitent plunging forth
Empty eyes that feel forlorn

Nefarious Lurks

They wear the burden of grief
The appearance of great loss
This world of crumbled belief
Capitulate their lost cause

Nefarious Lurks

They weep for their loved ones lost
They contemplate the enormous cost
Malignancy can never cease
Procreate despair as disease

As the wicked accrue
to destroy and subdue
For they will aggrieve
to rape them and bereave

Evil shroud upon us all
Malice has answered the call
Encase, impose it's decree
Severed the right to be free

Gathered to set the plot
to become the next despot

Hide, divide, chose your side
with no body to confide

Through the shimmering light
they feel their will power bent
No dawn to break the night
in this place belligerent

Nefarious Lurks

So they were left there disdained
with no one left to be blamed
Fettered in the grip of fear
ascertained, evil is here
Asphyxiate on their loss
Malign spirit sweeps across
forsaken all of their hope
Love and faith, their will to cope

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