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Base my life on principle
It's all I'll ever have
Fight for what I believe, even if it leaves me dead
Leave em bruised and bloodied
Break some fuckin' necks
Obstacles in my way... I shall decimate
You will never start to learn
When your mind is clouded with doubt
If I want something I go out and take it
Survival of the fittest - I am an army of one
Time falls through the hourglass
with it's grains of sand
Life's forces fade away with each and every day
Image means so much more to you
but not the filthy few
Killing is a living for the outlaws of the world
A web spun in lucid dreams with a goal to conquer all
I take no solace in second place
Fortunes turn like wheels of steel
Victory is all that I feel
Dominance is the reason I exist
All my foes shall perish in the end
War with me (is) a pernicious disease
Serve my blood lust - feeding my demons
I am a fighter that's never been beaten
A Warrior's spirit runs..... through..... my veins!

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Systematic Eradication