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City of Steel - lyrics

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Megalomaniac, a threat to society
Instigator of ambitious designs to crush humanity
Indoctrination of unlimited hatred
Re-arm the desperate
Send them to battle without any restraint
Gunfire in the air
Killing people everywhere
Mech war from the sky
Screeching treads of the tanks
Creeping in from the flanks
Heard by those about to die
Enslave the population
Divide the spoils with the other devil
Liquidate the living weak
Forced labour until they die
With guns fixed to war
The tyrant invades the east
Looking for his living space
His unholy plan
Slaughter each and every enemy
This means total war
He wants to rule the world
He has no sympathy
A psychotic force in history
His master plan will not defeat the human will
City of Steel can never fall
Dawn of the end
For the proud and the arrogant
Urban warfare on the Volga
Rest is for the deceased
Building to building
Street to street
Night falls fast as the winter nears
Many men will soon perish
In a battle of ideology
Embedded in rubble
Frigid winds harden the soul
Sixth army's days are numbered
As Russian troops encircle them all
Hot steel
Colder blood
Massive killing
Avenging transgression
And teach 'em a lesson
With guns fixed to war
Red armies repel the beast
In a battle of the century
No need for prisoners
Hand of fate
Forces destiny
The city's finally free

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City of Steel