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Hunting Evil - lyrics

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They try to torture me
But there's no threshold for my pain
Pouring acid on my skin
My anger grows from within
Kill all those who stand before me
With government invested authority
Hunting Evil is my game
Die by the sword without shame
Hi-tech intel guides thy hand
Next target is the taliban
The free world needs me now
Rivers of blood for the greater good
Lead melody:
Counter terrorism Battle wages on
The fate of millions rests with only one
I unlock the cipher key
Facts I find won't deceive me
Espionage & Deception will affect their
Hot on the trail I taste the lead
I pick off marks with my infrared
Three dots align, they're shot down blind
And on goes the ceasing time
Chase them through the sea, land, or sky
Flush them from the sewers
where they reside
It's the only place they have left to hide
Attack again I must begin
to cut the ragged head right off this demon
Like hair of Medusa I slash the snakes away
And what I find beneath is the final key
Fire at will Intent to kill
Seditious traitors who sell their souls
A nuclear threat looms in the air
Its Bombs away if Bauer can't get there
Now its time to interrogate
Those who initiate
Terror and strife in our everyday lives
Red hot wires pass through their eyes
Screams of pain and info rains
Don't fuck with me or you'll get the same
Here the truth lies
Disarm the device
Before we reach humanity's Demise!

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