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Navigator's Choice - lyrics

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What is this world I've stumbled upon
A tear in the fabric of time and space
A place unfamiliar from all that I've seen
This realm continues to infinity
I am the navigator - The choice is mine
Who can be trusted - And who will die
Dark figure lurks in the shadows
Raise my guard as the strike isn't far
Steel collides in the blink of an eye
A flash of blinding light
Walking away I'm left unscathed
My foe lies dead on the ground
Judgement is swift for those who don't know
Mercy means nothing to me
Lust for blood - A sacred primal urge
Centuries of corruption have led to these ends
Domination... or disintegration
Now I face the true enemy - Inflicting the fatal wound
No more will be left to suffer - By the tormentor's hand
Is this the end of it all? - The final day
Run through the stream of time
Reflection fades away - I navigate the universe
A path that few will ever take
The earth cracks beneath my feet
This world is about to implode
Complete this journey with - Quantum leap
The portal is about to close
A galaxy is ready to implode
Slipping past the event horizon
Fall into a black hole
Minutes seem like hours - Pain is felt eternally
Matter can't be destroyed - By the laws of entropy

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