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Lured to the lion's den
The savages wait to feast on your flesh
Plotting and coaxing with malicious intent
The snare is tightened as they close their trap
Carcasses lay rotting in the scorching sun
Maggots infest bodies with their disease
Pride lies eager for the next strike
Eyes fixed on those they stock from a far
I shall repel them
To take back what is mine
Can't live in the past and dwell in regret
Suffer as a victim and bleed to death
The smell of fear will provoke their attack
The will to survive with no compromise
This is a test, I won't break, I won't rest till I die
Put a bullet through me I'll laugh and spit in your eye
I dance on fire and jump across their grave
And they are the ones that think that they are saved...
Looking for some redemption to kill all the pain
My sins will be forgiven, just not today
The past is my present, my journey defines who I am
I shall repel them to take back what is mine

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Systematic Eradication