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Shot down dead on the streets
Another one falls for the revolution
Living in an oppressive state
Victims of modern slavery
Fires burn bright as an atom bomb
Holocaust of all humanity
Innocents slaughtered by the man
Who led them to the valley of darkness
Voice of Fate I have heard
Must retake what we have earned
Many die for the cause
To rid ourselves of the laws
Written in blood by those who disobey
Who took a stand against corrupt authority
Gather the masses who've suffered for years
Avenging the fallen's trail of tears
The hand strikes with deadly force
A massacre is unleashed
Every man should run and hide
The killer's put a price on you
Civilians pay for a tyrant's insecurity
For he feels his power slip away
Mobilization with hostile intention
Taking a piss on the Geneva Convention
HATE (hate) it powers the world
FEAR (fear) is part of their game
DEATH (death) is the reason we live (so get busy dying)
Players and puppets in a sickening play
Russian roulette will splatter your brain
I won't be asking for forgiveness
You try to wipe me out
Now I'll take you down
Everyday you crawl through life... I'll show you why
Lies (lies) Pathetic fucking lies
You've reached the day of your decline
A path to disintegration is clearly set
Now it's up to us to take the first step

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Systematic Eradication