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Crime of opportunity
Plundering the seas as they please
Preying on the wealthy pillars of industry
They have the world on its knees
Rebels without a cause
Only to maraud and survive
With their AK's and rocket propelled grenades
They rule with their brutality
Plaguing the world like human parasites
They live, they breed... they die
Murder, Torture, Ransom
The code which they abide
have no intention but to terrorize
Raking the waters with armour-piercing rounds
Armies of the nations will put them down
Human lives are stolen by violent usurpation
A price upon their heads
Signed with hot lead
Blast them from the waters
Stain the seas with their blood
Feed them to the sharks
Send them to their grave
No Authority on these darkened waters
Fire first or they'll put you down

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Systematic Eradication