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Spiritual Embezzlement - lyrics

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The Spectre of violence has destroyed
Everything that was pure in this world
Obliteration of impressionable minds has become the norm
Harvesting their souls to carry out devious plans from above
Now it is left, plain to see what the world has become
It's Spiritual Embezzlement
It's running rampant everywhere
It's Spiritual Embezzlement
The insanity will incite the end
Systematic Eradication of all freewill
Ambitions are forgotten replaced by the status quo
The age of mediocrity has taken its toll
Nothing new to be discovered when money runs it all
Pacification by the media, the oligarchs and the governments
People live their lives like they're totally oblivious
Awaken...Resist the indoctrination
Creation...of the liberated mind
From within
New education
Built from the adversity of your experience
Systematic Eradication of all freewill
Ambition has returned, I think on my own

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Systematic Eradication