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Streets of Vice - lyrics

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Darkness lives on streets of vice
Addicted to narcotic escape
Suffering at the hands of opiates
Condemned for what they do
Ignored by the indifferent
The rain pours in your face
World has turned its back on you
Your family sees you as a disgrace
But your dance with death ain't through
Immersed in screams of pain
Selling your body and soul
Smash and grab, Carjackin,
Any means to the next trip
Score/ More /Dope/ Abandoning hope
Feel the needle piercing your skin
Speedball effects will soon kick in
Cerebral attack on your synapses
Killing the last of your conscience
Will you find the road to salvation
In the depths of despair
Streets of Vice manipulating your actions
Destroying the good from within
The body weakens from over stimulation
Pleasure centers cease to please
Parasitic drain on your being
Society's forgotten disease
Impulsive existence hooked on ice
Greedy rats feast on your skin
As you sleep in the filthy gutter
Millionaires drive on through
and think they're better than you

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