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The Last Guildsman - lyrics

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A life of dedication
Meticulous attention to detail
Honing every process
By the sweat of his brow
Years turn to decades
Burning the midnight oil
Ingenuity from necessity
To build the ultimate (instrument)
Didn't you know
I'll take these secrets to the grave
Protecting the art form
The Last Guildsman
No one can see
All the sacrifices made
The price of perfection
I am the Last Guildsman
My life's singular purpose
Is to defy all convention
Millions of impostors come and go
They don't have my invention
My Ethos is monolithic
Not a puppet to conformity
This is my prometheus
Unleashed on the populous
A final testament
Shines through the dark ages
Rings like an endless note
Echoes with pertinence
Divine Decibels
Speak louder then words
A heart may stop beating
The legacy remains

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Systematic Eradication