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Dragged from the river
From which his own brother did die
He will live a life of honour
Restoring order where there was none
Precision is his gift
To achieve pure symmetry
Cuts the stone with intuition
The craftsmen of divinity
Skeptics unsure in the use of his powers
Ignorant puritan values in this time
Lunatics rule by intimidation
Preacher of death has arrived
To build an altar to God
Yet its designed for his own glory
Elevates himself above the people
but they are the ones who are raising the steeple
Simple minions in his eyes
Their hardworking nature is what he despises
He has come here to save you
but through the eyes of others he's here to
enslave you
Ridgebeam falls from the sky
who it hits will surely die
But so miraculously it splits on the prodigy
They speak of the devil
With suspicions of witchery
Haunted by the unknown
The town has a vision to keep
Rise to the top of the mountain
Cut away the perfect millstone
As it falls on my leg it cracks on its own
I must rebuild it my power is for the good of
There is a higher purpose
There is a reason for my pain
Rebuild my shattered leg so one day I may
walk again
Guided by voices
That I trust that I believe
Beset by zealots
Who think they have authority
Go take his life
He is Evil He must die
You coward
What are you waiting for
This is your task
Decreed by God

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City of Steel