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Virtue in Death - lyrics

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Murder by the hand that was sworn to protect
Obsession with honour leads to atrocity
Under the guise of religious purity
The bloody axe will fall
Taking the life of your innocent daughter
For selfish value in reputation
Those without sin
may cast the first stone
What gives them the right to kill?
All, Virtue In Death
I'll take a Pound of Flesh
No Justice on Earth
Through Honour killings
Virtue In Death
At Satan's behest
Impaled in the chest
by the sabre of hatred
(Hatred) - is the spawn of backwards thinking
Violence - is the tool they use to achieve it
Jealousy - Pride, and every deadly sin
Corruptors of the fallen eden
Tyranny - of the majority
Customary law has shown it's flaw
This'll never be the path to purity
Evil can't ascend to heaven
A tender flower is struck down in the heat
of anger
The devil's will is carried out by idle hands
Tears run blood from their mutilated skulls
What God would ask this of them?
Measure of extreme brutality
Your progeny is gone
and there is no one is there to decry it
You must realize that you're the one who's wrong
Vicious Battery - Open hostility
Ignorance to the modern time
Raped and thrown away - social decay
when a clan doesn't save their own
Victims of betrayal - under a veil
decrepit killing practice has grown stale
Don't preach to me
Of how I should be
If this is how you use your authority
Honour - not what I see in you
Killing - from what does it prove
Virtue - in death it is cast
Flesh falls quickly when the blade is flashed
Delicate Beauty is cut from the vine
Image so pure, so chaste, and divine
From the scripture they pervert and deceive
In the next life their destined to bleed!

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