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Now it’s here to stay, the awakening, show your pain.
I am ready to go with just one word from you then I’ll be gone,
I am questioning everything that I’ve done to this point.
But deep inside I’m lost – you’ll never find me.
I would struggle to find everything that I thought was mine,
I am helpless in the face of a thousand pain filled tears.
When the world is breaking down, I look for a peace not found.
Everything seems alright; the awakening.
So dry your eyes now, and look to the future
Seems that all will be just fine; the awakening.
I am struggling to find the words that say what I feel,
So I just stand there and look you in the eyes. Wipe away your tears.
But deep inside I’m lost – you’ll never find me.
Wipe away your tears.

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Fragments of a Nightmare

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