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I Love You But I'm Lost - lyrics

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One, two, three
You read the answers by the shadows on the wall
We could be great
Drive myself crazy with mistakes
You know I’m better everyday
Tell me there’s something I can change
Recall I know what a sanctuary is
Help me deserve you, seeing me praise
You love me but you’ll change
Disappointed in a lover
Because there’s the only way
To know somebody in and out after a while
It’s all a challenge
Come in here and be yourself again
I love you but I’m not somebody who take shots
See me after I recoil
I’m better than I know
There’s room to grow
Tear stains on the last page
Better leave 'em
Time will tell and I’ll be back
Tear stains I believe that I’m in Houston
I can read my lines
Most of all I find it strange
I believe them
Turn me into something great
You know that that’s the only way
Promises that we forgot
I suppose that we will always
Let’s turn it into something we can change
I love you but I’m lost
Between the pain and cost
I hold myself alive
I love you but I’m lost
I love you but I’m lost
I love you but I’m lost
I love you but I’m lost
I love you but I’m lost
I love that there’s no cross

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