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Umbra Interna - lyrics

Blind deaf kings erect
Spewing lies and sperm
Cold and narrow surge flows pale
Trapping thoughts in dried up stains…
‘Now I’m awake
Hear screams, feel the dread
Of another day
Disarming the fear
In my head’
In my head…
Umbra Interna
‘From the Law of the Father
The Dark promises release
Dualistic scars reopened
Into Light they bleed
They bleed’
In my head…
Umbra Interna
Umbra Interna
The Dark is all I need
Into the Light
My Ego will dive’
Cloaked and choked
Extinguished flame
Autocratic reign
Fills the mind with silent fear
Ingrained agony
‘Now I’m awake
Into Night, loss of head
Obfuscation of mind
Obeisant dread’
Into my head….
Umbra interna

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