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Feint & Boyinaband ft Veela - Time Bomb (Rap .. - lyrics

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It's past one o'clock and I'm out of time
Can't undo the lock and no key to find
Looking all around at the station
Are we frozen?
To understand how I can hear your mind
Racing on and on through the years of time
Future is their home and I need to
Get back to mine
Listen, I've done this often
I've never had an issue with this machine in motion
The clocks in the walls are numb
And I've been waiting here for so long, so long
Listen, I've got a problem
And you're the only one who knows this room has a function
Stay eighty years ahead
And live this life without you instead
You're trying to kill it while I'm trying to race it
I'm trying to turn it while you're trying to waste it
So take it, it's so sweet I can taste it
Locked out on the other side of the clock, face it
I'm doing my best to /
re-invent and /
stitch the seconds /
back together /
That though I won't rest 'til we share the same tense
Just know, to me, you're better late than never

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