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Wind is blowing stars - lyrics


Clear as ice, oh clear as ice
Dripping down from a rock
Spring will come and so will fall
All my enemies have finally fled
They've finally fled and gone

Take your pick, oh take your pick
And dig into the earth
You'll find a muted pearl its worth
It will never self-disclose
It's your job to dig and polish you know

All the colors spin, all the colors spin
Blackness from a pitcher pours
Stars come blowing through the door
Your eyes they mirror pools of ink
Your heart and mind combine to drink
From the puzzle's trough
But the troubles can be solved

Take jumps in wintry lakes
Feel the water's skin and face
Huddle up close nice and tight
We might absorb enough moonlight
Your kiss adorns a neighbor strange
Who's one of us again, again
The wind is blowing stars my friend
The wind is blowing stars!

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