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Crush on A Yeti Parody Britney Spears - lyrics

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"Crush on A Yeti"
Hey, Over there
In the bushes
In the bright yellow man thong
Got to stare
All that hair
He's a humanoid King Kong
And those feet
Stomp the beat
They don't call 'em BigFoot for nothing
He's never heard of shampoo
Ew I stepped in his poo poo
I still pretend someday I'll be his bride
Even though he smells like something died
I kinda like the musky natural kind
I gotta crush on a yeti
And he feels like mossy grime
Was swimming in the swamp last night
So would you even call it a crime
I gotta crush on a yeti
He puts Chewbacca to shame... shame
Can't get him out of my brain... brain
Give me something new
I'm sick of chasing him around
I know what I must do
Still refuse to poo on the ground
Repeat Chorus 1x

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