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I Kissed A Girl (Parody - Kate Perry) - lyrics

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It was my boyrfriend's family
Not something crazy
He took me to meet his old granny
Then something phased me
She's not like most elderly
She kept glaring from behind the chips...
I went to kiss her on the cheek
And she went for my lips..
I kissed a girl
And I liked it
The taste of her
denture cream
The taste of her denture cream
But it's okay with me
I was enticed
I found my vice
I wish she had planted one
on me twice
It was my sin
Soft wrinkled skin
Stretched saggy chin
A toothless grin
No I don't even know her age
It doesn't matter
Lock me inside an iron cage
It will not shatter
This burning flame
It can't be tamed
No I cannot resist
Her snow white hair
Vintage wheel chair
Sparks flew
The moment we kissed
I don't know what happened to me
My taste went from Brad Pitt to grannies
Walkers, dentures, and Hearing Aids
I like my ladies older by decades
Oh Oh Oh

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