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OctoMom Song Parody of Low - lyrics

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I ain't baby-sitting
I ain't baby-sitting
I ain't baby-sitting
You crazy, woman?
I ain't baby sitting
Oh, hell no
She had six implanted embryoes after givin' birth to six
Now everybody's sayin' damn how crazy is this chick? Damn
Pregnancy glow
Ain't got the dough
But shawty want
mo' mo' mo' mo' mo' mo' mo' mo'
Shawty's now got fourteen kids which is pretty whack
Obstetrician had to give eight baby booties a big smack
Water hits the flo' (nasty)
Next thing you know
Shawty's got
mo' mo' mo' mo' mo' mo' mo' mo'
Ain't never seen a big belly like that grow
This crazy chick's a baby-poppin' pro
Got a million-dollar bill in incubation fees
Food on the walls, house filled with fleas
And her expectations were not for donations
'Cept church congregations
And PayPal locations
She had complications
Childhood aspirations
That's her explanation
Pops 'em out like a toaster
Needs a pacifier holster
And a pimped-out stretch stroller
She's a food-stamp high-roller

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