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Womanizer (Parody - Britney Spears) - lyrics

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Ive always had
A thing for Star Trek Conventions
I need a man with a comic book collection
Lord of The Rings
is my favorite type of Role Play
Dont want an Aragorn, I want a young Gandalf The Gray
I fantasize
About the Michael Phelps of Ping Pong
Someone who memorized all of The Pokemon Theme song
Hes in the elite
As one of the Star Trek Fanclub chiefs.
But secretly he has a stash of star wars boxer briefs.
Hes a
Womanizer womanizer womanizer womanizer
Ooo Ooo
A womanizer womanizer womanizer womanizer
Together well discuss
And C++
Uh Huh
A womanizer womanizer womanizer womanizer
Hes got me rocking
Like Stephen Hawking
Check out his hard drive
Sets me to warp five.
Hes highly skilled
In the art of drawing anime
And he has an extensive selection of
action figures on display.
Hes employee of
the month for tech support repair.
Hes a World of Warcraft expert
Beating Magtheridons Lair.
I dream of him
Hooking up my ethernet cable
And whispering in my ear
elements of the periodic table
Im picturing
A gaming headset in his hair
And sexy safety goggles on
As he builds
a robotic office chair.
Dont need a jock
I want a spock

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