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Gladiator's Tale - lyrics

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The stories of the mighty warrior from the north spread throughout the whole Empire
Who was he and could he ever be defeated?
Here I stand, in the fields of insanity
I walk my path, the warrior’s way
Until my final day
The air is cold and the winter is drawing near
In the bloodstained snow, lay my shattered soul
Never to be whole
My journey started ages ago
Raised by hammer and sword
Bred to fight with the steel in my hand
I stand where all else will fall
A storm has come it has brewed for millennia
Let their will be done, for it has begun
So stay behind my shield
Pushing on, through the bodies and uniforms
I’m the last to stand, for my king and land
I will never fall
I will watch how darkness succumbs
With power and might I will strike
And when the dust has finally set
They will sing from heart to us all
He is the chosen one
The savior of our time
He fights for freedom for all
He roams forever free
Through the lines of history
It’s a gladiator’s tale
I will hunt them down and make them pay for all
I swore an oath to protect and to serve
Run, my time is an endless game
You can try to hide but I have you in my sight

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Gladiator's Tale