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Like the Way - lyrics

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Girl, girl girl
It's like this and like that and like this and uh [x4]
Man girl I said I'm likin the way that you do, do what you do
Do, do what you do
Do, do what you do
I'm caught in between a rock and a hard place
I wish that I could see the future
Where do you go when suit and tie doesn't even suit you
Remember back in grade school I used to be the moocher
Now I got my own bread, sleepin on the stone bed
Fell out on the floor with my phone dead
Moms keep callin me
Tell her what I'm doing it's finna require all of me
I put my soul in it, take a walk in my shoes
It's no tire like a flip-flop, you win or you lose
I'm under pressure like the bottom of the ocean
Smokin on the purple, sippin on the potion
Loud got a nigga rotatin in slow motion
I got my money up like I just got a promotion
A nigga represent like a union
Sippin wine like communion
I'm with all of my brothers, it's like a family reunion
I can't wait till the day we cuttin cake
Smokin good, eatin steak
Couple bitches by the lake, now make it shake

I like the way you do it
I like the way you do it
I like the way you do it
Don't stop, don't stop [x2]
I'm countin sand through the hourglass
Burnin my reefer watchin the time fly
Life is a vision, I see the mission through my mind's eye
Could have been a nigga that you get your shoes shined by
Instead I'm with bitches that lame niggas get declined by
Pregnant with the Ls, waitin on some nine months shit
And snake niggas I would no longer smoke blunts with
Can all eat a fucking dick
Get a fork and knife, may I pop the cork, the life
Is better when it's seasoned
I'm from the city where we grind hotter when it's freezin
And in the heat, niggas hides get cold
Where young niggas don't get to grow old
Homie I'm in my mold
You know my MO, shoppin with no demo
Niggas look like they ain't get the memo
Get with the program, your boy bout to take it to the top
Said the city gon stop when I drop
(Chi city)

[Hook x3]

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