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Abra kadabra
Yo, this one is just to let you know
Believe in magic
[Verse 1]
This year I had a lot of fun
Between duckin' and dodgin' hoes
Doin' shows and hittin' the road like I was on the run
I ran into some shit to be proud of, look mom I found out
What Malcolm and Martin missed it was miss and makin' an album
Alright alright alright, order in the courtroom
Yo of course I'm still gon' save it
I used to take shit from Nordstrom
Strange twist, the speaker that never listened in class
Clap your hands and stomp your feet
Told the teachers to kiss my ass
It's for the bad kids and the math kids
And the shorties flippin' on a mattress
Growin' up not knowin' how to imagine
Never let anyone tell you anything you can't be
My biggest win always been when I knew they didn't believe
Where would I be if not standin' on the stage
Spillin' my heart out on this page
Pay-per-viewing movies and rubbing toilet seats to get paid
Do you believe in magic? I know I do
Only thing better than dreamin' is seein' it all come true

I know that you know that I know what you like
You love the stars and the cars and the lights
But when it gets hard, do you ever doubt
Just wanted to let you know
Never let 'em tell you what you want or what you don't
Do you believe in magic?
Do you believe in magic?
Do you believe in magic?
Do you believe in magic?
[Verse 2]
Poppin' out of a cloud of billowing smoke I appear
Playin' a purple card at a moment of uncertainty
Terminally diagnosed, the power to write the cure
I been killin' myself slowly just like a bad heart surgery
Searchin' for somethin' different from them
Or what is it that defines us? And is it that it ultimately binds us?
The natural man won't lie, I need my woman
See my bitch, she hold me down even in times when gravity couldn't
My foot done slipped, I fell off of a bridge
But thanks to the grace of a greater power I didn't fall on my head
I could've landed on my neck and snapped it
Instead of snapped it, my last address
I sent it a mass-message and now we'll perform by accident
Archetypical sob story, big dreams disappointment
Talkin' to me to talk to my brother like a hip conjointment
You know Chance? Team light-skinned
Course I do, I look just like him
We was just on the bus fightin'
In the studios stayin' up writin'
Much like when flowers in the spring bloom
Started down from the bottom, but I'm about to have a big June
Jumpin' out the gym like Space Jam
I used to breakdance in Nico's basement
Now we both tourin' around the nation, it's crazy

Believe in what you feel
Believe in what you know
I'll show you this is real
I know where we could go
Believe, believe
Believe, believe

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