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Evil Wizard WuShu Master - lyrics

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Misleaded by the emperor
Evil emperor
To curse the mighty warrior
Mighty warrior
He has come to bring dark magic
Slay them, slay them all
His might, magic, pure and strong
Magic pure and strong
Cast a raging thunderstorm
Raging thunderstorm
Demonic rituals
Blood curses – alchemy
A pact signed by ancient forces
Divine heresy
Spell master rite
Your wizard in disguise
Evil sorcerer must sacrifice
Far from the light
In the eternal night
Wu Shu master rise
Evoke the mighty sorcerer
Mighty sorcerer
Bring glory to the emperor
Glory emperor
He has spoken words of darkness
Curse them, cures them all
Their names have been carved in stone
All names carved in stone
Price is paid by blood and bones
Paid by blood and bones

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