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Vengeance is near
We bring back the fear
We storm the gates
Full of anger and hate
No mercy, just war
Your blood will paint the walls
Hear the deadly screams
When we call to arms
We have come to fight for the crown
Death to the king
We take back the throne
We have come to take our revenge
To hell we were send
Ninjas unite
Gather your steel
We must arise
And we'll never kneel
A silent force will strike
We're the legions of the night
Ninjas unite!
Now we arise
Ready to strike – we're faster than light
From out of space we've come
To take this world by storm
Ninjas unite
We break the chains
We're free form the cage
Warriors reborn
We'll bring a new dawn
Shadows rising high
Under burning skies
Your kingdoms will fall
Revenge for us all

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Space Ninjas From Hell

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